Blue raindrop screen

rain. Perfect rain.

I’m waiting while staring at the sky to see what kind of sunrise will be produced. Will the morning really come? It will come. Is it possible to see the sunrise? Even if you can’t see the sun, can you see the brightening Sora? Well, but I think it’s okay to have this morning,

There are various mornings. wait.

When I go outside, it’s surprisingly warm. It’s cold, but it’s incomparably warm for a recent morning. I was really surprised.

It won’t brighten forever. However, there is no night when it is not dawn, and I believe that the light will surely spread and you will be able to see the ridgeline of the mountain, and that is what this world is all about.


It’s getting brighter. Instead of brightening around the sunrise as usual, the whole Sora is being given brightness. Do clouds and rain act as screens to reflect the morning light as a whole?

What is projected on this screen? Today on a rainy day, something wonderful must be projected. Must be so.

Thank you 🙏


Rain falling, a new morning.

Since a new morning has arrived, I bet on a new day today.

I hope.





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