Little old man


Little old man is laughing

I had a dream.
On the shore of the lake, an old man wearing down is laughing. He has great ears and his smile gives him a sense of security. I don’t have anything. I’m standing there with a big smile.

I woke up ─ and thought. That little old man must be someone in the Seven Lucky Gods … Continue reading Little old man

Even if you don’t bother to blame yourself


Where do you need to blame yourself? Others will blame you when you need it

Albert Einstein (Physicist)

I really think so. Even if you don’t bother to blame yourself, you usually blame yourself firmly, aren’t you?

Therefore, there is no need to blame yourself.

There is no morning when I don’t wake up

I feel relieved when I see the gradation in the morning🌄

When I think about it, I’ve never woke up in the morning. That’s right. If I don’t wake up, I won’t come today.

I’m in an eternal sleep.

I managed to wake up today, work on today’s day, and fall asleep again at night, maybe.

“There is no morning when you don’t wake up”

Somehow … Cool.

Thank you🙏




Cosmic Setsubun

Early morning🌄 A little later, I realize that today is setsubun. I remembered until last night. It was the morning when the scent of the rain from the previous day drifted. Setsubun and rain are not related, but they are related to the movement of stars in the universe.

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The minute hand of the clock at 7 am

Dawn on January 29, 2021 The sun pillar stands well.

I’m always looking at my watch in the morning, so I realize it’s just 7 o’clock now. The beautiful sun pillar looks like the minute hand of a clock.

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Two crows

It is not the dawn of January 28, 2021. It’s been cloudy mornings these days, and the dawn sky a few days ago.

When I was walking in the morning, two crows were fighting


Seeing that, I thought that the spiritual world and the physical world were in conflict.

Different. The spiritual world and the physical world do not contend. I’m always trying to tune in.

The crows in the spiritual world, filled with anger, become a world of conflict as the physical world also tries to synchronize. However, there is always a strong force to harmonize the spiritual and physical worlds. Therefore, in rare cases, it will not be a destructive world.


There are various mornings. Various mornings are coming.

Thank you