Cosmic Setsubun

Early morning🌄 A little later, I realize that today is setsubun. I remembered until last night. It was the morning when the scent of the rain from the previous day drifted. Setsubun and rain are not related, but they are related to the movement of stars in the universe.

🌌The calendar is determined by the movement of the stars, and it shifts little by little. Therefore, it will happen that it will shift on February 2nd for the first time in 124 years. I don’t really care that February 3rd is usually setsubun.

👹The stars in the universe are related to demons and fortunes. Speaking of which, demon manga was all the rage this year, but why not collaborate with Setsubun? I can’t hear it at all. By the way, why are demons red and blue? Are you a traffic light? No … Did the traffic light come from the color of the demon? If so, why are the traffic lights around the world the same color? Are there red demons and blue demons all over the world? Anyway, today is the beginning.

The dawn has come again today.

Thank you 🙏





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