Morning of joy?

Asa ga Kita.

Morning has come today. Still, the morning has come. The day begins.

Alright, let’s go! I don’t feel like that, but why do I feel like it started today?

Was it better before today started? Ask yourself. Did you sleep? Are you in a dream? Was it a relaxing time before going to bed?

Should I not come in the morning? That would not be the case. After all, the morning as usual comes, and the peaceful daily life that is not targeted for life begins slowly.

The morning comes, the day begins and the relax mode ends. So do you think “it has started today”? Then, if you stay in relax mode …

Well, but I wonder if there is such a morning. I, who is not a lofty person, cannot have a “morning of joy” every morning. Rather, there are far fewer such mornings, right?



Asa ga Kita.

Thank you?🙏





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