To have an unchanging morning

Rainy morning.

We have a vague morning. Is it just that the scenery is vague and I am not? It’s a little vague because it’s morning, but it’s normal and I wake up over time.

I think it’s also good to taste this morning feeling of bonny,

Yesterday I had zero blog visitors, and at the same time I enjoyed the fact that no one was reading this sentence, and at the same time I realized that I should be grateful to be able to start the day of today as usual.

Thank you 🙏

Thank you 🙏

Thank you 🙏

If you don’t sing it three times, you won’t be able to express your gratitude for having the same morning. Where are you telling? Let’s stop thinking about that. At least I’m reading this.

You just have to think honestly. It’s raining this morning and we’ll be able to greet the morning safely and maybe we’ll be able to spend the day safely today. Thank you for such everyday. Such a rainy morning.

I tried to sip a sugar-free cappuccino that I missed yesterday, but it’s mostly milk, it’s been 24 hours at room temperature, and it’s warmed up and may get angry. I thought, and brewed a new cappuccino while apologizing in my heart to the farmers who made coffee beans and milk and everyone else. The day begins with an advanced thought path of apologizing and thanking.

I can’t see the morning sun or the clouds today, but there must be something there, and I see it with my heart.

thanks you.

Cloud photo.





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