Blue gradient


Good morning.

A cloudless morning is coming today. Watch the future from darkness to blue gradation while drinking cappuccino, a coffee of the morning with plenty of milk and sugar.

Even if it is the same morning, the expression will change steadily. It may be changing in the daytime, but the change in the early morning is detonation velocity. The amount of light changes completely when you take your eyes off a little, and the gradation of blue changes quickly. It is also sensitive to seasonal changes, and Sora becomes brighter much faster than it was at the beginning of the year. It’s been less than three weeks since the beginning of the year. The morning star, Venus, can no longer be seen.


That may be the reason why the morning time flows faster. The flow of time becomes faster during the time when the landscape is changing drastically. It’s a fate that applies even if you don’t see the scenery. A fateful change in the flow of time.

After a while, the “actual sunrise” will come. The sun physically comes out and the blue gradation time ends. Yes, it changes from a ephemeral and beautiful dreamy early morning to a realistic morning. The night is completely over, we enter a concrete time to start eating breakfast, and the second cup of cappuccino is sugar-free.

The morning is coming, which is the same as every day. Is this what we call “happiness”?


thanks you.








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