A seamless morning


Good morning. The morning with clouds has come today.

Rather than “morning has come”, it was a continuation of yesterday, and it was a part of the moment that followed today, not an independent “morning”. Part of the time that has been going on for tens of thousands and hundreds of millions of years, far from yesterday and today. It has continued seamlessly and will continue.

It can be said that you are enjoying a valuable momentary experience just by witnessing that moment. I mean, thank you🙏

What I really appreciate is that it is quite difficult in the morning, which is repeated every day without change. I live in the illusion that it will last forever.

On the cosmic time axis, it is close to eternity. The operation of the sun and the earth continues endlessly. But that is definitely not eternal. The life of a person is only in the blink of an eye. When I think about such a time axis, I feel that everyday things are trivial. On the contrary, it can be felt like a brilliance in a moment, but it is an idea based on the knowledge of retrofitting, and now I feel that the morning comes without any change every day. It must be the reality of.


I’m sure there is something good today.

Sunrise sun rays.





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