1-2:Beginning platform

On the platform where everyone got on each train regularly, one Nasca who missed the train was crying. She shook herself at the upcoming label “Chikoku,” and her hopes for the future ran down in salty tears.

The wind blew into the platform, slamming Nazca’s hair. From the feet of her seated Nazca, the remnants of disciplined people were swept away, and the smooth platform floor was clinging to hard silence.

A breeze. A quiet platform.

The good news is that Nasca sat down and stared at a point on her floor. There was a small black stain on it. It was an extremely hard stain that could not be removed by rubbing or rubbing.

A low sound, which is different from the horn and buzzer, was heard from the back of the platform. Nasca raised her face just a little, and she came in as she had a metallic blue train on the platform. There was no rattling noise at all, and I narrowed the distance to Nazca so that I could slide slowly, and stopped right in front of her. Immediately many doors popped open with a very small snapping noise. There was only one passenger left on the platform, Nasca.

Nasca stood up with her strength, but with the determination that she could never be late, and she boarded in a hurry. The metallic blue train that housed her Nazca, in turn, made a sharp, snapping noise and closed the doors all at once. Her determination that today’s important work was done was reflected in the way the door closed.

The train “looked like” started to move. There was almost no shaking in the train that moved smoothly, and it was smooth and light like a water strider moving on a smooth water surface. There were no other passengers in the car, which was quiet and quiet. Nasca stood beside the box seat in a car with a completely different atmosphere than usual. The lighting was suppressed, and a dazzling moving light was flowing in from the car window while accelerating without sound.

Nasca rubbed her eyes, she was just one late and she was so different from a regular train? She thought. She only rides Nasca in this vehicle, even though it’s still commuting time. On the contrary, Nasca may be the only passenger, including the entire train formation.

Nasca sat in the back of her seat, facing her, as if to collapse without hope. Her brightly shining window changed the scenery outside her with her decent rhythm, regardless of Nazca’s despair. As soon as she left the station she started crossing the viaduct … up to that point.

She was beginning to feel that Nasca was vague and she seemed to be running a little higher than usual. She feels that the city she always looks at is looking down from a high place. She no, she doesn’t feel she feels, she certainly looks higher than usual. The train climbed lightly, drawing a large curve, to shake off the doubts of Nazca that had begun to be created.

She got on in a hurry, so she may have made a mistake. Or maybe something serious has happened and the train’s destination has changed. However, there was no branch on this line, and there should have been only one to the terminal station … No, was there only one branch? She thought, but the train had risen to a height she had never seen. As much as the roof of a 15-story condominium begins to appear.

As usual, there was no sound, and the roof of the city was going down. While drawing a big curve, this train continues to gain altitude like a mountain railway toward a destination somewhere high.

It was as if Nasca, who climbed up the cliff of her despair and escaped from her daily life, was stirring around her.

“Yaho, my Nasca-chan”

A blonde woman was sitting in the seat opposite where no one was supposed to be. She was a flashy woman in a white dress, about the same age as Nazca, she had something like a little yellow backpack on her back.

“I’m not fine ~, I was late”

“… Why do you know?”

Nasca responded to the woman in a familiar manner. It’s like I’ve known it for a long time, like I’ve been with you since I was little.

“Well, I know everything about Nazca ~. You’re always together?”

I understand the feeling, but I can’t understand it. Nasca has never met this woman and she has never seen her. But she knows well. This woman’s name is Anasca …

After all, something serious is happening on this train.

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