There are various mornings

it’s raining.

Because it’s raining, I see Sora after it gets brighter long after sunrise.

Nothing. However, it is not pure nothing, but fluffy nothing. In other words, not a calm and sophisticated time of nothingness

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Blue raindrop screen

rain. Perfect rain.

I’m waiting while staring at the sky to see what kind of sunrise will be produced. Will the morning really come? It will come. Is it possible to see the sunrise? Even if you can’t see the sun, can you see the brightening Sora? Well, but I think it’s okay to have this morning,

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To have an unchanging morning

Rainy morning.

We have a vague morning. Is it just that the scenery is vague and I am not? It’s a little vague because it’s morning, but it’s normal and I wake up over time.

I think it’s also good to taste this morning feeling of bonny,

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