Cosmic Setsubun

Early morning🌄 A little later, I realize that today is setsubun. I remembered until last night. It was the morning when the scent of the rain from the previous day drifted. Setsubun and rain are not related, but they are related to the movement of stars in the universe.

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Early morning🌄 The air that feels lukewarm when you go outside. delicious. Yesterday’s sharp cold air is also a bottle, but this morning’s slimy air is also delicious. I want to thank you for breathing fresh air 🙏

Dawn again today. Thank you.




The minute hand of the clock at 7 am

Dawn on January 29, 2021 The sun pillar stands well.

I’m always looking at my watch in the morning, so I realize it’s just 7 o’clock now. The beautiful sun pillar looks like the minute hand of a clock.

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