Early morning🌄 The air that feels lukewarm when you go outside. delicious. Yesterday’s sharp cold air is also a bottle, but this morning’s slimy air is also delicious. I want to thank you for breathing fresh air 🙏

Dawn again today. Thank you.




The minute hand of the clock at 7 am

Dawn on January 29, 2021 The sun pillar stands well.

I’m always looking at my watch in the morning, so I realize it’s just 7 o’clock now. The beautiful sun pillar looks like the minute hand of a clock.

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Sunrise and clouds

Every morning sunrise.

I have been worshiping every morning since 2021 and the third year of Reiwa.

On cloudy days, we worship the clouds in the early morning.

There seems to be a good thing.

thanks you.

Sun pillar and up clouds.

From now on, I will worship and post it on my blog every morning.